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yuu_inagawa's Journal

Inagawa Yuu
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  • yuu_inagawa@livejournal.com
  • Yuu Inagawa CP
------------------------------------------- GENERAL INFO
Name: Inagawa, Yuu
Zodiac Sign/Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Teaching Assistant for drawing
Voicemail, Community, AIM: Yuu Inagawa CP
------------------------------------------- PERSONALITY
Yuu is a very happy person when she's going her job as a manga artist. She loves meeting her fans and drawing sketches for them. She's very friendly and sociable. But when she's angry, you better watch out! She's hot tempered, and if there's something lying around she will hit you with it. She seems to get over things quickly though, and she's positive when it comes to talking to someone to follow their dreams.
------------------------------------------- BACKGROUND
Yuu is a manga artist. She goes to conventions to sell her manga Heartbeat, meet and greet her fans, and if they ask nicely, she'll create a sketch for them right then and there. If there are any rude people that push and cut through lines, she won't play around. You will help you find your way out as quickly as possible. Yuu met some kids at one of the conventions, and the next day or so, she moves to a new school to find that one of the guys she met go to the school she moved to. Since he was thinking of creating manga because of his love for drawing, she always gave him advice. She's usually quite successful at the conventions, which pleases her of course. There is one person she doesn't like, though, and it is one of her competitors Emi. She and Emi always, ALWAYS argue whenever they meet.
------------------------------------------ JOURNAL INFO
This is a role playing journal. Yuu Inagawa is not real, and I do not think that I am her. I am simply playing her for the rp City of Cross. Yuu Inagawa is from the anime Comic Party. Layout was created by omoidase, which is best viewed using Firefox.